5 Critical Stages in Building Construction

Everything in life is in stages. Life itself is in stages. Have you asked yourself why certain building looks inhabitable while others are habitable? That is they are like machine mold and placed in a position. This is to say an excellent building construction.

Many building owners are living in regrets today. Though in their own building, they wished to turn back the hands of clock to right the wrong building construction.

If you have not driven a car before now, you do not just get up and drive one. It will start by conceiving the idea then get the relevant knowledge on how to drive a car. So it is with building construction.

Building construction involves different stages. I want us to consider the critical stages in this article. These stages are vital for efficient delivery of any building construction project.

The stages are as follows;


At this stage you see the need to have a house. Next, you get the service of an architect who you tell your need.  The architect will take these needs as your brief. In turn use it to produce a sketch called pre design.


The architect translates your dreams to lines in black and white at this stage. A sketch is produced for your review. You should criticize the design and reach an agreement. Be cautious to adhere to the architect’s advice where possible in case of unprofessional request. After reaching an agreement on the pre-design the architect proceed for the design proper.

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A friend of mine needed a house. In search of the house, we got into a building. To my greatest surprise; I saw a column standing about 500mm away from the wall in the living room. You might want to overlook this stage making reference to some of your friends who had built without design. You might conclude it is just a small house so no need for a design. Please don’t!

The architect further invites other professionals for the design work. These professionals are structural engineer, quantity surveyor, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. They all come together to brainstorm towards making your dreams a reality.


A client once came to our office begging to get an as-built drawing with relevant approvals for her property. Earnestly, she expressed urgency of the approval. I inquired her reasons for the urgency; she said the government wants to demolish her building for lack of approval. OfteCRITICAL STAGES IN BUILDING PROCESSESn times, we hear people say “just build; let us build it like that nobody will disturb”. I will not encourage this attitude.  The proper thing to do will be to take the design to relevant authority for approvals after the design stage. At this stage the professionals in the approving authority take their time to critically look into the design. They ensure it is safe and will not have any negative impact on the environment. After which they append their signature, date and stamp on the designs.

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One thing is to have an excellent design, approvals; another thing is to get the right people for the job. A transfer of the lines from the paper to the ground is done at this stage. It involves bringing together engineers, the unskilled workers, the artisans, the technologists. They all work towards giving you home with rest of mind and value for your money. All members of the engineering family are very vital in the execution of the project.

The bottom line is none of these stages should be neglected for any reason. They are critical stages relevant for building construction. For consultation on your building construction send an email to: oluoniao@yahoo.com or call 09055522237.

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