Six Realities of Real Estate

The six realities of Real Estate explained in this article will blow your mind. Look around you, it doesn’t matter where you are right now, you are surrounded by Real Estate. Single bungalows, duplexes, commercial, vacant land; It’s everywhere!

Realities in Real Estate are that people will always need homes, apartments, residences, office spaces, plots of land and more. Rather than piling your money up in the bank, invest in properties.

You can buy a property in a good location, give it time to appreciate and sell at a much higher price, or rent out. You don’t want to go through the ups and downs of running a Real Estate establishment, not a problem.  You can simply invest in the development of commercial or residential properties.

planned estate

One of such Real Estate consulting firms that come highly recommended is Boing Luxury Estates. They can work with you to realize the realities in property investment.

Mind you, there are several investment opportunities out there that equally appear attractive. However, we will consider these irresistible realities of Real Estate that makes it a stand out investment platform.


Before you invest in Real Estate, it is almost impossible not to notice details of it. The details are clear at pre-purchase inspection unless you are buying into a large project.  You are able to do an inspection on the property and thoroughly evaluate before you buy it. This is a reality that makes Real Estate first among others.


It is not easy, but you do not need a degree to become an expert in Real Estate.  You need to be passionate, research and talk to a lot of people. Gradually you become an expert in it. What you need to know is the target population, the market and economic conditions that exist around you.  Once you know these indicators it is easy to identify what profit you can realize investing in Real Estate.

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In contrast to most investment platforms, Real Estate is easy to value, you can easily place a worth on it. If you need to value a property, you can find an expert to value it for you for free.

There are bits of property out there you can use as comparable to value properties. For instance, location, type and similar sold properties can give you an idea of what your property is worth. With other investments it is much more difficult to value before investing. My bet is, most of them will have regulated prices affected by market and economic parameters.


You don’t need to be an expert in Real Estate to discover it creates income faster than most investments platforms. More often thanrealities of real estate not other Investment opportunities are price regulatory.

In most cases when you get returns in investment on these other platforms, the percentage is often minimal. Unlike other property investors, you have high returns on investment in Real Estate. This is because the prices of property are not regulated by any of those indices.

The best part is the returns on investment you realize immediately on the property. Meanwhile, the property may still appreciate on top of that return. The beauty in investing in Real Estate is the cash flow it produces and the options the cash flow provides.

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There are many ways to buy property below actual value. Do you know you can buy property during recession?  Such properties create a huge advantage for you the investor. This is because you can buy property without much competition.


Not only can you buy property below actual value. You can also add value to Real Estate after you purchase it. You can buy a property at low value, put a little work on it and sell for a higher value. This means it could be a property that needs repairs or renovation.  .

The main thing is, there are many other realities of Real Estate which gives it lead over the chasing pack. The biggest reality of Real Estate is that it gives ability to buy below actual value.

You can also add value and rent/sell for attractive profit. More so, have control over your investment to increase its value. If you buy property right you can make more than your initial investment in a short time.

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  1. This is really encouraging, I hope more people will have access to this wonderful information and key into real estate business

  2. Wonderful! Added to the knowledge of buying and adding value to get more financial benefits.This is quite inspiring.weldone sir

  3. This is great. Its a good insight to real estates and educative too. But what about landed property? What happens if someone buys a land but its not ready to build yet? For how long can it stay before building starts?

    • Thank you for taking time to drop a comment here. Land left for a period of time before construction starts depends on various factors. Time frame given for development by relevant authorities, estate developers and host communities. Time frame is not really definite. But it is always advisable to start construction on any plot bought as soon as possible.

  4. Great piece. Very educative and helpful. Buying below actual value gives instant high Return on Investment.

  5. Thanks for d article…A good piece that exposes one to the realities of real estate…

  6. This is amazing! Stumbling on this article now, got me thinking of investing in Real Estate without doubts nor fear. It’s really educating and encouraging. I am so impressed.

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