7 Benefits of Living in a Planned Estate

Gone are the days just the rich could afford to buy a home in a planned housing estate. However, this has changed in the last few years, with families from middle class owning homes in planned housing estates as an answer to their housing needs.

If you are in the market for a new home, you should not ignore planned housing estate. There are several benefits to living in this type of community. In fact, such a neighbourhood will be able to provide all the facilities that you are seeking. Some of the benefits of living in a planned housing estate include:

1. Security

If you care about security of your life, properties and loved one, planned neighbourhood will be the best considered, an environment with collective responsibility when it comes to securing lives and properties. A token that is paid monthly to maintain security services in the estate are far cheaper than individual providing security for himself and I cannot remember when last arm bandit attacked an estate but we hear attacks on unplanned neighbourhood  every now and then. There are instances of kidnap cases when people want to drive into or out of their premise. Such cases are rear in a planned neighbourhood. More so these environment is extremely safe for kids, who can play outdoors without constant supervision.

2. Community Atmosphere

A planned housing estate is always built around the community that inhabits it. So, the estate will come equipped with parks, lakes and walking trails. It will be self-sufficient, with its own shopping centre, clubhouse, and theatres as well as sports area. Some of these neighbourhoods go as far as planned estatehaving their own schools and hospitals. Furthermore, with organized regular community events, a planned housing estate ensures that leisure and entertainment activities are there for all age groups. Residents learn to recognize their neighbours and associate with them, rather than keeping their distance. In an estate where I live presently, on the regular, we have get-together called ‘Ram Night’. At the occasion, residents come out to dine, wine and get to know ourselves and have wonderful fellowship with people who typically we will only hear their names on radio of watch on Television. It was at one of such meeting I discovered that one of my mentors lives in the same estate.  .

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3. Sustainability

If you are worried about the environment and its wellbeing, then a planned housing estate is the perfect choice for you. With ample space allotted to green areas, some of these communities have their own sewage treatment and water recycling facilities. The green spaces in the neighbourhood are kept as natural as possible, so that residents feel that they are living in a natural environment.

4. Design Guidelines

Houses in a planned neighbourhood are often design and many a times build by the same set of professionals. This makes quality control easier and the architecture of the homes is in harmony with one another, making the neighbourhood look organized and balanced. However, based on the type of housing estate a buyer wants to live in, the floor plans can be changed to meet the needs of the buyer.

With the community in mind, the housing estate provides common areas, such as street lights, sidewalks, playgrounds, swimming pools and other community amenities. All these are maintained by the residents committee or association, with each household paying a fixed sum annually for the upkeep.

5. The people

A housing estate often attracts people of similar age, work, income and family situation.  Because of these similarities, you may be able to have friends and acquaintances faster than in an unplanned neighbourhood where there might be a greater cross section of people already busy with their own lives.

In a planned neighbourhood, face-to-face contact with neighbours is quite easy. Nobody will be scared to interact with the next-door person. If you are looking for interactive neighbourhood, social environment, I recommend planned neighbourhood.

6. Sound Investment

As most homeowners in a planned housing estate will maintain their homes, buying a home in such a neighbourhood is always good investment. Research has shown that if the real estate market experiences a downturn, such homes fetch a better price compared to home in normal and unplanned neighbourhoods. I know of an estate with the price of property double within five years. My finding shows that security challenges in the city within the same period double if not triple. In the same estate, more than half of the residents abandoned their well-built home in unplanned environment to move into the estate. A real estate investors ordinarily expects his property to appreciate 100% with 20 years, now planned estate in the time of security challenge when price of properties are going south, investor there are smiling to banks. No better investment one can think of in the term of crisis.

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7. Proper Landscaping

In planning an estate, professionals and experts comes together to offer their professional services for the overall success of such project. Some of such professionals often ignored in unplanned areas are Town Planners and Surveyors.  These two professions will consider what you as resident or owner may not think of, such as topography, landscaping, city code, location of nearby storm water canal etc. If we employ these expert services, we can be rest assured of flood free neighbourhood no matter the amount of rainfall in any season.


Looking to live in a neighbourhood where community and family are important, then planned housing estate are perfect. Such a community offers the advantage of living in a small town setup in the heart of a city. Not only are these communities safe, they also offer easy commute to workplaces and return on investment is high.

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