Building Your House In Phases

The joy of owning a house is overwhelming. Sometimes despite your earnings, you find it difficult to own one. This is probably due to lack of planning or lack of professional advice. You may have the money and no professional around you to advise you on owning your own house. I have seen a driver that earns N50,000 monthly yet he owns a house and N450,000 earner still a tenant. The difference between the two of them is the adviser and information available to them. I will serve as an adviser to you to enable you own your own house. this advice will come in four (4) process and 17Building Your House In Part stages.

So let start with the processes towards owning your dream house.


Engage the service of a qualified architect giving him your brief and how you want to finance the building construction. Let your architect know your budget to enable him plan with you. That is, let your architect know what you can afford either monthly, weekly, quarterly bi-annually or annually. This will enable him guide you properly so as to avoid starting what you can not finish.

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Engage the service of relevant engineers through your architect to design necessary parts of the building alongside your architect.


One of the roles of your architect is to employ quantity surveyors. The quantity surveyor gives you the quantity of each materials and the cost estimate for the building work. The quantity surveyor also advice you on the cost of the traditional building materials and other alternative building materials costs.


Every engineering work is always in stages. You can phase your construction work in stages depending on availability of fund. You can phase your Building Your House In Part construction work as follows:

  1. Block procurement
  2. Procurement of materials without expiry date.
  3. Savings for workmanship
  4. Sub-structure
  5. Block work in super structure
  6. Concreting in super structure
  7. Block work continuity in super structure
  8. Roof covering & noggin
  9. Fixing of doors
  10. Mechanical and electrical piping
  11. Rendering of walls
  12. Fixing of windows and grills
  13. Electrical cabling
  14. Tiling work
  15. Painting
  16. Fixing of electrical fittings and sanitary wares
  17. Landscaping.
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Building your house in part is a brilliant strategy as you employ these four process and gradually follow through these 17 stages. The major problem now will be for you to start the housing project. Once you start, you will not want to stop. You will gladly put any money that comes in to the project. Never wait till you have hundreds of millions in your account before you start your building project.

You can start small and grow big. For consultation on your building construction send an email to: oluoniao@yahoo.com or call 09055522237.

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