Ory Martins

Ory-Martins has been consulting in management and real estate for more than 10 years now. He is Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Luxury Estates Ltd, a foremost real estate developer in Nigeria, Principal Partner, MP Hills Consulting and CEO of Inicreat PMA Ltd. orymartins@yahoo.com. View articles



Uche Ajukwu

Uchechukwu, a Senior Partner at Boeing Luxury Estates, is a highly skilled property investor manager. Is a researcher and educator. She has degrees in Education, has personally coached and educated hundreds of real estate investors to create wealth through property. vivianajukwu@gmail.com. View articles



Cosmas Mayaki

He is the head of security at Boeing Luxury Estates, has a degree in statistics and diploma in information and system management. Expert in industrial, personal and information security management with 18 years experience. An associate of security professionals. cosmasmayaki@gmail.com. View articles



Joseph Onah

He is a Real Estate Analyst, investment adviser and a leading property market expert in the nation. As an Economist and a renowned banker, Mr Onah is one of the nation’s most respected property analyst.
sephgal@gmail.com. View articles




Paul Anieke

He is a senior consultant with a prestigious Real Estate firm. He gives free advice on Real Estate to individuals and families, professionals and entrepreneurs. He has degrees in Engineering and Business management. paulanieke@gmail.com. View articles




Isaac Nwanua

An accountant, a columnist for property-matters and financial expert in real estates, has degrees in Accounting, business management and customer relation management. He is currently an associate member of CICRM and a member of ICAN. blinkers4good@yahoo.com. View articles




Pelumi Oluoni

He is a civil engineer and has over 7 years experience in civil and building construction. He has a degree in civil engineering. oluoniao@yahoo.com. View articles




Benjamin Kamange

Estate Surveyor, Real Estate Developer and Management Expert. Senior Consultant in a Property Company. Member Nigeria Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers. He holds Master degree in Energy/Petroleum Economics and Business Administration. josben_2004@yahoo.com. View articles



Onofiok Ekpo

Experienced Business Consultant on Client Relationship and  Personnel Management . Executive Administrative Assistance and Customer Relationship Manager in a renowned Real Estate Firm. Expert in Project Management, Certified Strategic Manager and Commercial Administrator. onofiokumo@gmail.com. View articles


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