ESTATE RESIDENCY: The Ideal Option for Secure & Healthy Living

As you approach your residence after a long and hard day at the office, you greeted with ideal serenity. Trees and greenery, open spaces, kids riding bikes in the streets, families pushing pram and somebody walking their dog. You sense this is not paradise, but simply your residence. This idyllic scene is not your typical Nigerian neighbourhood. Only you could come close to a version of this if you choose to live in an estate residency.

Let us look at some benefits of living in an estate residency. it is easy to understand why these developments are becoming more sought-after.


Modern living is definitely on most residents’ list when it comes to choosing a suitable home. Estate homes offer contemporary layouts and more modern finishes than most freestanding residential homes in established areas.

Interestingly, your home is a reflection of your lifestyle. No wonder many residents consider it a veritable status symbol. For instance, residents of Banana Island, Ikoyi Towers and Victoria Garden city in Lagos are seen as the cream of the society. Similarly, those who live in Golf estate, Lekki Garden or Trans Amadi Gardens in Port Harcourt are measures of class and style. Estate living offers prestige for the middle to upper-income class. They both can have access to a private club with select access. Estate residence should be consider if you see the above as important to you.


Most Nigerians used to being extra cautious when it comes to safety and security at home. It’s unusual for a private house not to have security gates, burglar bars, perimeter fencing and an alarm system. This is not an ideal way of living but housing estates offer an appealing alternative.

From my experience, it has proven difficult to kidnap someone living in an estate residence, in contrast to those living elsewhere. Especially in a gated estate characterised by access-controlled entrances, perimeter fence and security cameras.  In addition, security guards that patrol the housing estates offer the safety and security that conventional neighbourhoods simply do not offer.

If you want peace of mind consider living in an estate residence, which offers these security benefits as part of its package deal.


Before now, it was believed that just the rich could afford to buy a home in a planned estate residence. Presently, this has changed with even families from middle class looking towards estates residence as answer to their housing needs. Living in an estate has the advantage of sharing cost of facilities among residents.

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These facilities may include:

  • clubhouse
  • a restaurant
  • various recreational areas
  • children’ playgrounds
  • a gym
  • a swimming pool.

Communal living and pooled resources help in making lifestyle more affordable for residents. For instance, having access to a spacious community pool is a great bonus.


Most homeowners in an estate residency will maintain their homes. It is always good investment to buy a home in such neighbourhood. In fact, experience show that if the real estate market goes through a downturn, such homes fetch a better price.

This is in comparison to home in normal and unplanned neighbourhoods. Estate residences tend to have higher resale value than freestanding homes, particularly with prevalent perceptions of safety, privacy and exclusivity. Automatic gate systems, biometric security measures, and fencing are a major plus for buyers.

The estates’ location in an affluent neighbourhood gives rise to high value. The easy access to entertainment facilities and shopping malls, and the modern living factor considerably boost the property value.


A planned estate residency is always built around the community that inhabits it. The estate comes equipped with features as:

  • parks,
  • lakes
  • walking trails
  • shopping centre
  • clubhouse
  • theatres
  • sports area
  • some of these neighbourhoods go as far as having their own schools and hospitals,
  • these facilities make it extremely safe for kids to play outdoors without constant supervision,
  • regular community events organized,
  • an estate residence create leisure and entertainment activities for all age groups,
  • residents learn to recognize their neighbours and associate with them, rather than keeping their distance,

In a sense the community of an estate residence share a piece of their heart with their neighbours. Striving for common good is a great driver of communal living. Today, with the pace of life at an all-time high, the need for communal living is even more accentuate. Building communities where we live is one of the easier ways to address this need.


The homes in a planned estate residence are often built from similar architectural design. Almost the same quality of building materials are used for the houses. These makes the neighbourhood look well organized. Based on the type of housing estate a buyer wants to live in, the floor plans can be changed to meet the needs of the buyer.

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Estate residence usually located in quiet and serene environment.

This is purposely to set out master planned layout, provide necessary infrastructure among the different social class, and attend the need to proximity to work places and other daily activities.

A brilliant illustration is Boeing estates Port Harcourt. Their estates residences located near relevant institutions/establishments namely; Schools, Airports, Stadium.


We live in a time where most professionals spend the greater part of their working day indoors. This is the reality of the modern workplace. We hear more and more about how bad excessive sitting and a more sedentary lifestyle in general is for our health. And since we can’t all quit our jobs, we can try spending more time outdoors and engage in light physical activities. Having a safe and beautiful space to do this near home could be the motivation you need. This is something many housing estates offer.

At Boeing Lakeview Estate for example, almost a quarter of the estate has been appropriated green belt status, which means that public green spaces will always be a key feature of the estate. What’s more, these spaces have been strategically considered to encourage activities – playing in the park, walking the dog, picnics with friends and neighbours – that promote a sense of community.

Estate living is an appealing concept to many residents whether they are looking to be part of a gated community, prefer an easy lock-up-and-go setup, or want to feel secure at home.

You should consider to living in a neighbourhood where community and family are important. Planned estate residences are perfect because they offer the advantage of living in a small tow in the heart of a city. Not only are these communities safe, they also promote healthy living, especially when an estate is planned with touch of nature in modern style.

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