Property matters is blog own and manage by Ory-Martins. The blog is created to equip readers with relevant knowledge, skills and know-how needed to make it big in real estate world. The purpose is to create wealth for the followers through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy.  The blog covers;

  • Real Estate investment
  • Property Development
  • Wealth Creation through property.
  • Technical skills required to navigate real estate maze.
  • All you need to know in making choices of where to leave


Ory-Martins has been consulting in management and real estate for more than 10 years now. He is Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Luxury Estate Ltd, a foremost real estate developer in Nigeria, Principal Partner, MP Hills Consulting and CEO of Inicreat PMA Ltd, a real estate consulting firm. He is an On Air Personality with major radio stations in Nigeria. He is the owner, originator and producer of REAL ESTATE ON RADIO. The program is on major radio station in Nigeria ( NigerianInfo, Rhythm) Through the radio program, many people have been helped on real estate issues. He has trained and facilitate management sessions within and outside Nigeria. He is faculty member of Nigerian Institute of Management. He has been described as Donald Trump of Nigerian real estate.

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